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Faculty Guide: Liaison Program

This page has helpful information about the Library Liaison program from the Kaufman Library!

Our library liaisons serve as conduits of information between the Kaufman Library and various discipline areas within the Schools, keeping each area informed of relevant library resources, services, and space. We are continually seeking out collaboration opportunities between the Kaufman Library and the Schools!

School & Liaison Area Department Chair  Librarian

School of Business


Accounting, Management Information  
Systems & Finance

Dr. Reanna Berry Dana Johnson

Management, International Business & Business Communications

Dr. Marieke Schilpzand Dana Johnson

Economics, Supply Chain Management & Marketing

Dr. Wes Routon  Dana Johnson

School of Education


Elementary Education

Dr. Kinga Varga-Dobai Joye Cauthen

Secondary Education

Dr. Kristi Amatucci Joye Cauthen

Special Education & Social Foundations

Dr. Gwendoline Ayuninjam Joye Cauthen

School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences  Dr. Nina Cleveland Dana Johnson


Dr. Paula Gordon Dana Johnson

School of Liberal Arts


 Visual and Performing Arts

Dr. Stacy Rusnak

Amy Eklund

Criminal Justice and Criminology   

Dr. Patrice Morris Amy Eklund


Dr. Michael Fournier Andres Cardona

History & Geography

Dr. Nathan Orgill Catherine Downey

Human Services and Cultural Studies

Dr. David Kirschner

Andres Cardona

 Political Science and International Studies       

Dr. Laura Young

Amy Eklund


Dr. David Ludden

Andres Cardona

Society & Change


Joye Cauthen

School of Science & Technology


Biological Sciences

Dr. Lee Kurtz David Minchew


Dr. Omar Villanueva David Minchew

Exercise Science and Physical Education

Dr. Lauren Tapp Dana Johnson

Information Technology (ITEC)

Dr. David Kerven

Andres Cardona
Institute of Environmental Sciences Dr. Jenna Andrews-Swann David Minchew

Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Dincer Guler Marie Richardson

Physics and Pre-Engineering

Dr. Neelam Khan David Minchew
Integrative Studies Dr. Lana McDowell Catherine Downey

GGC Honors Program

Dr. Jake Edwards David Minchew

Student Engagement and Success


Catherine Downey

Academic Enhancement Center   Justin Mueller
Veterans & Military   Dana Johnson
Digital Humanities   Catherine Downey

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