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Theoretical Article Defined

A theoretical article as defined by the APA Style JARS Glossary (2019):
"a report that draws on the existing research literature to advance theory by tracing the development of a theory to expand and refine theoretical  constructs, presenting a new theory, analyzing an existing theory, or pointing out flaws or advantages of one theory over another." 


Examples of Theoretical Framework Articles

Note: this particular article has developed the theoretical framework called the Initial Participation Model; however, there has been no experiment to prove the framework as of the date of publication.
The article experiment used the Attentional Control Theory as a model.

This article uses a conceptual framework based on Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Tips to find a Theoretical Framework article

Using the Advanced Search feature of the selected database add these key terms to find theoretical framework articles:
(a). AND ( framework or model or theory )


(b). AND ( theoretical framework or conceptual framework )
If your assignment requires Original /Empirical /Primary Researchconsider using the Advanced Search feature of the selected database and add the following key terms to your search to delete the type of peer-reveiwed articles that you do not need: 
NOT ( literature review or review of the literature or overview or systematic review or meta analysis or case study )