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APA Style Citation Guide 7th Edition

APA Guidance


Title. The name (title) of the resource that is referenced or cited.

Two categories of titles:

1. stand alone resources [e.g., whole books, reports, gray literature, dissertations and theses, informally published works, data sets, videos, films, TV series, albums, podcasts, social media, and works on websites] (

Titles for stand alone resources should be italicized, and capitalized in sentence case.

     ex: Librarian: The original search engine.

           For book and report references, enclose edition information, report numbers, and volume numbers in parentheses after the title. Do not                   add  a period between the title and the parenthetical information. Do not italicize the parenthetical information. If both edition and volume                 information  are included, separate these elements with a comma, placing the edition number first (


2. resources that are part of a larger resource [e.g., periodical articles, edited book chapters, TV and podcast episodes, and songs] (

Titles that are part of a larger resource are capitalized using sentence case; no quotation marks or italics.

     ex: Reading: A report of today's student.