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APA Style Citation Guide 7th Edition

Films, YouTube and More

The parts of your citation must be put in a certain order based on the "style" of citation you are using. 



Films /Movies

APA Format

Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of film. [Film].

     Production Company.

APA Example

Fleischer, R. (Director). (2003). 20,000 leagues

     under the sea (Special ed.) [Film]. Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

APA YouTube Videos 
APA Format

Author, A. A. [Name of the account that uploaded the video]. (Year, Month, Day).Title

     of video [Video]. YouTube.[numbers and letters from the url]

APA Example

Sager, C. (2016, June, 09). Print's not dead for comic books [Video]. YouTube.

  PowerPoint Slides
APA Format

Author, A. A. (year). Title of presentation [Lecture notes or PowerPoint slides]. Name 

     of learning management system if available. URL or URL  for the learning

     management system login.https://[numbers and letters from the url]           


APA Example


Palmer, R. (2019). GALILEO: STEM, e-books, and professional development  

     resources [PowerPoint slide].

APA Example

(D2L or

Class Site)

Jones, L. (2018). Searching library databases [PowerPoint slide] D2L


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