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APA Style Citation Guide 7th Edition

APA Guidance

Books and ebooks

The parts of your citation must be put in a certain order based on the "style" of citation you are using. 

Basic Author format:  

One author: Author''s last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  

Two authors: Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial. & Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.

Up to twenty authors: List all authors in above format.

Twenty-one or more authors: List nineteen authors, then ... and last author.

Editor instead of an author? 

APA Book & eBook

APA Format

Author's last name, First Initial. (Year).Title of book. Publisher. DOI or

     URL  [If the source is an electronic format]

APA Book Example

Evans, J. (2007). Your psychology report: The essential guide. Sage.

APA eBook Example

Without a Doi

(If from a research database).

Broussard, M. S. (2017). Reading, research, and writing. Association of

     College and Research Libraries. 

Chapter from a Book Format

Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (Year). Title of chapter. In 

     Editor's First Initial & Middle Initial. Editor's Last Name (Eds.), Title of

     Book in italics (pp. pages of chapter). Publisher. DOI or URL

     [If the source is an electronic format and has a DOI, use the DOI.

     If no DOI use the URL or if from a research database, do not use the 



Chapter from a Book Example

Bryant, A. &  Charmaz, K. (2012). Grounded theory and psychological 

     research. In H. Cooper, P. M. Carmic, D. L. Long, A. T. Panter, D.

     Rindskopf, &  K. J. Sher (Eds.), APA handbook of research

    methods in psychology (pp.39-56). American Psychological


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