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APA Style Citation Guide 7th Edition

APA Guidance

Author Guidance

Author. The individual(s), organization(s) that created or edited the resource.


General Rules for Reference List:
  • Invert the name order- Last name, First initial.
  • Add a comma (,) beween the author's first initial and last name.
  • Use one space between initials.
Basic Author Format
One author: Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  
        Librarian, A. B. 
Two or more authors up to twenty: Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial. & Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.
        Librarian, A. B., Librarian, C. D., & Librarian, E. F. 
Twenty-one or more authors: List nineteen authors, then ... and list last author.
        Librarian, A. B., Librarian, C. D., & Librarian, E. F., Librarian, G. H., Librarian, I. J., & Librarian, K. L.,  Librarian, M. N.,
              Librarian, O. P., Librarian, Q. R.,  Librarian, S. T., Librarian, U. V., Librarian, W. X.,  Librarian, Y. Z., Librarian, Z. 
              A., & Librarian, Z. B.,  Librarian, Z. C., Librarian, Z. D., & Librarian, Z. E., Librarian, Z. F., ... Librarian, Z. G.


Organization or group author: Type the entire name of the organization or group with no abbreviation and end with a period. An abbreviation can be used when citing in text; however is not included in a Reference List.

     ex: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


View the APA Style guidelines on Authors for Reference List Entries.