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*Kaufman Library 101: Circulation


The circulation desk is where you can check out different materials - it is part of our larger Access Services Department! This page includes frequently asked questions about circulation, what you can check out (for how long and how to renew items), as well as information on any fines and fees you may have. 📔

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to check something out?

  • Your Claw Card or a current, government-issued photo ID (driver's license, etc.)
  • No blocks on your account (from overdue, lost, or damaged items, or unpaid fines/fees).

How do I get a Kaufman Library account?

Students should already have an active account on their first day, while faculty and staff will need to fill out a patron registration form and present either your Claw Card or a government-issued photo I.D.

Our community borrowers (from Gwinnett County Public Library and Gwinnett Technical College) will need to fill out a patron registration form and present a government-issued photo I.D. Community borrowers must be over 18 years of age.

What can I do with my Library (GIL) account?

  • Check out materials at the Kaufman Library.
  • Request University System of Georgia books online via our GIL Express.
  • Go to other USG schools as a walk-up patron and check out eligible materials there.

Can I print in the library? 

Yes! You can print from a personal device (please see the instructions on the IT Services webpage) as well as from our GGC computers. Printing must be paid for using Cave Cash and you must have your Claw Card with you (please see the Claw Card Office webpage for information or click here to add money to your Claw Card). 

Color: single-sided 25 cents per page; double-sided 20 cents per page
Black-and-white: 10 cents per page; double-sided 8 cents per page

You can also scan documents to PDF for free by using the scanning function on the printers. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask someone at the desk for help!

What software is available on the GGC computers?

Computers across campus are equipped with a suite of software for learning, productivity, creativity, and collaboration. A list of available software can be found on GGC Software and Online Services webpage

Where can I go for tutoring and writing help?

The Academic Enhancement Center has plenty of online and in-person resources to help students with learning, writing, and citations. 

For other questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions webpage

Loan Periods

Books:  28 days with two renewals
Popular Reading Collection:  14 days with one renewal
DVDs:  5 days with one renewal
Course Reserves:  varies (usually two hours with in-library-use only)
GIL Express Books:  28 days with two renewals
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials:  varies with the lender
Graphing Calculators:  4 hours or one day
Whiteboard Kits:  4 hours (in-library-use-only) with one renewal
Logitech H390 Headset: 4 hours with one renewal

May check out up to 15 items at a time

Books:  90 days with two renewals
Popular Reading Collection:  14 days with one renewal
DVDs:  5 days with one renewal
GIL Express Books:  28 days with two renewals
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials:  varies with the lender 
Graphing Calculators:  4 hours or one day
Whiteboard Kits:  4 hours (in-library-use-only) with one renewal

May check out up to 50 items at a time.

This category includes University System of Georgia Students, Faculty, and Staff. 

Books:  28 days with two renewals (GIL Express or as a walk-up patron)
DVDs:   5 days with one renewal (walk-up patron only; return to GGC in person!)

Books:  28 days with two renewals​
Popular Reading Collection:  14 days with one renewal
DVDs:  5 days with one renewal

This category includes Gwinnett County Public Library and Gwinnett Technical College Patrons. 


Community borrowers may only check out materials from out Main Stacks Collection* for a two-week period (with one in-person renewal)
*Community borrowers may not borrow DVDs, books from the Popular Reading collection, reference materials, or course reserves. 

GIL Express and Interlibrary Loan services are not available to our community borrowers, so we recommend that you check with your home library to see if they offer similar services. 

May check out up to 3 items at a time

Additional information for community borrowers: 

  • If you have overdue, lost, or damaged books, you will not be able to check out additional books until those materials are returned or paid for.
  • Your Kaufman Library account will expire in one year from the date of your patron registration.
    • Expired accounts can be reactivated if the required identification is provided and there are no current overdue/damaged fines/fees or lost items.
  • Your account cannot be accessed online.

Renewing Materials

Steps for renewing GGC materials online for Students, Faculty, and Staff:

  1. Go to the Kaufman Library homepage.
  2. Under Resources, click on My Library Account.
  3. Log in with your current GGC login credentials (the same user I.D. and password you use for email).
  4. Locate the item you wish to renew.  
  5. If the status of the item says it's renewable, click on Renew
  6. If your action was successful, you will see Renewed and a new due date for the item will appear.

​​​Notes: Items cannot be renewed if you have fines over $5, the item is overdue, your library account is blocked, or the item has already been renewed the maximum number of times. GIL Express materials may only be renewed online.

If your materials are overdue, there are certain things you cannot do until you bring them back. 

You cannot renew items, check out additional library materials, or make a GIL Express/ILL requests.

For students, you will blocked in Banner. This means you cannot register for classes, get your grades, obtain a transcript, or be cleared for graduation.

For faculty and staff, you will not receive your final paycheck if you leave GGC.

Fines & Fees

Usually, there no overdue fees and fees are removed when items are returned in good condition. 

Items that are long overdue will be placed in Lost Status, and replacement and processing fees will be attached to the account. Please call the library for more information if you are unable to return these items. 

Fines and fees for various items: 

  • Whiteboard Kits:  $1.00 per hour
  • Course Reserve items:
    • Two-Hour Reserve (In-Library-Use-Only):  $1.00 per item, per hour
    • One-Day, Three-Day, or One-Week Reserve:  $1.00 per item, per day
  • For GIL Express and ILL materials, the amount varies depending on the item and the institution that it is borrowed from. They may have different fees than we do at GGC.  

For community borrowers, there is a 25 cents late fee per book per day until the item is returned. 

Paying Fines & Fees

The following instructions are only for the GGC students, faculty, and staff. For all other affiliates, please contact us or come in person. 

  1. Go to the GIL-Find at GGC homepage.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click on My Account.
  3. In the yellow section, click on Sign in.
  4. In the Log in as box, click on Students, Faculty, & Staff.
  5. Log in with your GGC login credentials (the same username and password you use for your GGC email)
  6. On the left side, click on Fines & Fees
  7. Any fines or fees currently on your account will be listed.  

NoteInterlibrary Loan fees visible on your library account may not accurately reflect actual replacement and processing fees.  Contact the Circulation Desk for assistance in paying for lost or damaged Interlibrary Loan items.

Fines and fees can be paid in person via Claw Card or Guest Card or at the GGC Marketplace with a credit card. The Kaufman Library cannot accept cash, checks, debit or credit cards. 

  • Stop by the Circulation Desk at the Kaufman Library to pay your fines/fees with Cave Cash* that has been added to your Claw Card or you may pay in Marketplace.

*For more information on how to add funds to your Claw Card, please see the Student Services page with instructions and helpful resources.

When your fines and fees have been paid, your library account will be unblocked and you may check out library materials again. Your Banner hold will also be removed within 24 business hours.