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*Kaufman Library 101: GIL Express, ILL, & ARCHE


The Kaufman Library has some special services to help you get the resources you need! GIL Express allows students and faculty to request items from other University System of Georgia (USG) libraries, Interlibrary Loan retrieves items from non-USG libraries, and ARCHE allows students and faculty to visit different libraries and check out materials there. 🏫

GIL Express

What is GIL Express? 

GIL stands for GALILEO Interconnected Libraries. GIL Express allows currently-enrolled University System of Georgia students and currently-employed USG faculty and staff access to eligible circulating materials in USG libraries either online or in-person.

  • Requires all patrons to be in good standing at their home institution, with no blocks on their account (from overdues, lost items, etc.)
  • Books requested online will be transported to the patron's institution of choice for local pick-up and check-out.
  • Please DO NOT remove GIL Express bands! They help us return books to the correct lender.

What is the check-out period on GIL Express items?

28 days with two renewals. 

We will keep your book on hold for 10 daysAfter 10 days, the book will be returned to the lender and you will have to reorder it. 

How do I renew a GIL Express book? 

Access your library account using the steps above and renew as you would any other library materials. 

What happens if I damage or lose my GIL Express book?

You will need to contact the lending institution and make arrangements to pay for the item.
​If you need assistance in locating the correct phone number, please call or come by the Circulation Desk at the Kaufman Library.

  1. Go to the Kaufman Library homepage.  Under Resources, click on My Library Account.
  2. Log in with your current GGC username and password. You may be required to authenticate (MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication) with the same method you chose for your GGC email (a code sent via text, etc.).
  3. Click on Library Search.  Go to Advanced Search and change the location to University System of Georgia. Use the search box to find your desired materials
  4. If your search is successful, click on the title you want. (Note: Your book may be available at more than one location.)
  5. Choose an available item and click on the title. 
  6. Under How to get it select an institution and then select Request.
  7. Make sure the Pickup Institution is set to Georgia Gwinnett College
  8. Click on Request. If your request has been successful, you should see Request placed and receive a confirmation email.

Note: In your library account, under your Requests, click on the institution where you requested the book to make sure your request is visible. This is also where you can view your loans and renew items online. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

What is Interlibrary Loan?

  • A system that allows patrons from one library to borrow materials from another library.
  • Items are mailed or sent electronically from the lending library to the requesting library and patrons are notified when the items arrive.

Is there a cost for an Interlibrary Loan?

  • Occasionally, a lender will require a fee (usually $10-20), but usually there is no cost when articles are delivered electronically and a link can be provided. This cost will be discussed with the student prior to placing the order and can be paid through Marketplace.
  • GGC faculty and staff are not charged for ILLs.

How long does it take to get an Interlibrary Loan?

  • Up to 1-2 weeks for an article and 2-3 weeks for other materials.

Where do I pick up my Interlibrary Loan?

  • At the Circulation Desk in the Kaufman Library.

How long can I keep my Interlibrary Loan?

  • The loan periods for all ILL materials vary depending on the lender.
  • Renewals are sometimes not permitted by the lender. 
    • Call early to request a renewal: 678-407-5317.

Can I borrow my textbooks via Interlibrary Loan?

  • Current textbooks cannot be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan.

What happens if I lose or damage an Interlibrary Loan item?

  • Please contact the Kaufman Library as soon as possible so we can determine the replacement and processing fees for the item.
  • See the Fines & Fees page for more information.

Interlibrary Loan supports the teaching and research of students, faculty, and staff associated with Georgia Gwinnett College by obtaining materials not available at the Kaufman Library or through GIL Express.

Before submitting an Interlibrary Loan request for an item, please ensure that it is not available at the Kaufman Library or within the USG system. Books available within the USG system and eligible for circulation should be requested via GIL Express


  • Interlibrary loans books can have a 2 to 3 week delivery time.

Request a Book through Interlibrary Loan


  • Some institutions charge for sending Interlibrary Loan books via ILL. If a charge is required, you will be notified prior to our ordering the book. This charge must be paid up-front using funds placed on your Claw Card. 
  • Current textbooks cannot be requested through Interlibrary Loan. 


  • Interlibrary loan articles can have a 1 to 2 week delivery time.

Request an Article though Interlibrary Loan


  • Some institutions charge just for sending articles via ILL. If a charge is required, you will be notified prior to our ordering the article. This charge must be paid up front using funds placed on your Claw Card. 
  • Students are charged $.15 per page for articles requested and printed out for them. When articles are sent electronically and a link to the article can be provided to the student, there is no charge.


What is ARCHE?

ARCHE is the acronym for the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education. There are 20 public and private colleges and universities in the Atlanta region that participate in ARCHE. The libraries of these institutions collaborate to share their vast collections of eligible library materials via GIL Express and Interlibrary Loan. 

GGC students, faculty, and staff may request an ARCHE card for a specific library that will enable them to visit that library, check out materials, and return those materials there. This is a privilege granted by the home library (Kauffman Library) for a specific period of time, for a specific purpose.

How do I get an ARCHE card?

  • Come to the Circulation Desk in the Kaufman Library.
  • Present your Claw Card and specify which ARCHE library you will be visiting.
  • You will be issued the appropriate Student or Faculty/Staff ARCHE Card.
  • Be sure to sign the card and add your local address.
  • Your GGC I.D. (900 number) must also be on the card.

Your library account must be in good standing (no fines/fees, blocks, overdue, or lost status items) to get an ARCHE card.

How do I check out materials at the ARCHE library I've chosen?

  • Present your ARCHE and Claw Cards at the ARCHE library.
  • Follow all rules and regulations at the ARCHE library.  These may include limits on the number and types of items that may be checked out.
  • Faculty members are not entitled to special privileges or extended loan periods at other institutions.

When does my ARCHE card expire?

  • GGC Students:  At the end of the current semester.
  • GGC Faculty/Staff:  One year from the date the card is issued.