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*Kaufman Library 101: Finding Library Materials


This page has helpful information for finding materials in the library! There is a list of our different collections and an explanation of Library of Congress Classification (how we organize the library). 📚

Where to find materials

Main Stacks
-This collection is currently being shifted so that all of our books are on the first floor, so some of our signage is out-of-date.
-This is our collection of academic resources (including fiction works, literature, and nonfiction works).
-Shelved by Library of Congress Call Numbers.

Popular Materials
-Fiction and Nonfiction books by popular authors, as well as DVDs. 
-Books are shelved by author last name and DVDs are shelved by Library of Congress Call Numbers.

Grizzly Shelves
-Physical and electronic resources chosen by students, faculty, and RSOs. 
-Shelved by Genre or Group (e.g.: Education), then Library of Congress Call Numbers.
(Please see our Grizzly Shelves page for more information!) 

-Large books with plenty of visuals and graphics. 
-Shelved by Library of Congress Call Numbers.

Curriculum Lab
-This collection was designed for our Education majors to find resources for younger readers (including fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, and Spanish titles), but can be used by any of our patrons.
-Shelved according to author last name and the Dewey Decimal System.

Research Help

We have many resources to help you find what you're looking for! 

Don't forget to check our Research Guides to see if there is an existing resource. Our reference librarians are always prepared to help you access these resources, so please reach out via Ask A Librarian or book a research appointment.

Finding materials in the library

Using the GIL-Find Catalog, you can search all of our electronic and physical materials! 

With basic searching, you can find books, journals, videos, documentaries, and more. 
Using the advanced search function, you can limit your results with keywords, titles, or author names and filtering by full-text or scholarly articles. 

Note: If GGC does not have what you're looking for, you can try using GIL Express or Interlibrary Loan.

Using Library of Congress

Unlike bookstores that organize by genre or public libraries that may use the Dewey Decimal System, most academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System (LCC) to arrange their materials. 

Want to know how to read and understand call numbers? Check out this video tutorial: Library of Congress Classification.

Here is a list of general LCC classification: 

A       General Works 
B       Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
C       Auxiliary Sciences of History 
D       World History
E-F    History of The Americas 
G       Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation 
H       Social Sciences 
J        Political Science 
K       Law 
L        Education 
M       Music 
N       Fine Arts 
P       Language and Literature 
Q       Science 
R       Medicine 
S       Agriculture 
T       Technology 
U       Military Science 
V       Naval Science 
Z       Bibliography, Library Science, and Information Resources