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EXSC 3000 - Perell-Gerson

Fall 2023. Introduction to Exercise Science & Wellness Promotion

Assignment Details

Find and summarize a peer reviewed research article that is useful for practioners in the field and is related to one of the subdisciplines of EXSC & Health Promotion listed below:

Biomechanics; Exercise Physiology; Exercise & Sports Psychology; Motor Control & Learning;  Fitness Management; Environmental Health Promotion; Social Health Promotion; Organizational Health Promotion; or Individual Health Promotion

Original /Empirical /Primary Research Article Tip

If your assignment requires Original /Empirical /Primary Research, consider using the Advanced Search feature of the selected database and add the following key terms to your search to delete the type of peer-reveiwed articles that you do not need: 
NOT ( literature review or review of the literature or overview or systematic review or meta analysis or case study or review or editorial ) 

Featured Exercise Science and Sports Psychology Resources

Featured Exercise Science and Sports Psychology Resources

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