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Access Services and Information Commons at the Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center


Black-and-white and color documents can be printed from the Information Commons spaces in the Kaufman Library.

Printing costs:

  • Black-and-white
    • Single page: 10 cents
    • Duplex (dual-sided) printing: 16 cents (8 cents per page)
  • Color
    • Single page: 25 cents
    • Duplex (dual-sided) printing: 40 cents (20 cents per page)

Printing must be paid for using the available Cave Cash on a GGC student's Claw Card. Cave Cash can be added two ways:

  • At a black Claw Card Station (PHIL Machine), available in the Kaufman Library (Building L), Building B, Building E (Student Center), or Building 1000 (Student Housing), or at Student Accounts in Building D (WARNING: Cave Cash added through Student Accounts may not be available for 24 hours!)
    • The Claw Card Stations take $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills only. 
      • The Claw Card Stations do not take, or give back change!
    • Cave Cash can also be added to your Claw Card at Student Accounts in Building D. 
      • Note:  These funds may not be available for 24 hours.
  • Online with a debit or credit card at‚Äč
    • Go to the Claw Card tab and follow the instructions.
    • A minimum of $1 must be deposited to the Cave Cash account.

If you need assistance with printing, please ask for help at the Circulation Desk.

Scanning at the Kaufman Library

Patrons are able to scan documents for free in the following ways: 

  • The Ricoh printers in the Kaufman Library can be used to scan and email 8.5x11" pages.
  • The copier by the first floor restroom can also scan to email.

If you need assistance with scanning, please ask for help at the Circulation Desk, or call 678-407-5317