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GGC Seed Library

Pilot project of the Institute for Environmental Science & Sustainability, the Kaufman Library, the Sustainability Committee/Microfarm, and the Environmental Club

Project Overview

The GGC Seed Library is a pilot project representing collaboration between the Institute of Environmental Science & Sustainability, the Environmental Club registered student organization, the Sustainability Committee/Microfarm, and the Kaufman Library. The project was proposed and planned by GGC students in the Environmental Club. A Seed Library is a community resource that improves exposure and access to plant materials by providing small packets of seeds for patrons to take home, free of charge, and plant. Our aim is to provide this resource so students, staff, and community members might have a more empowered sense of connection to their food and environment.  


  • To make participating in environmental justice and sustainability efforts equitable and accessible; 

  • To improve local ecosystems through native plants and locally grown foods; 

  • To improve awareness of gardening as a means of achieving greater food security and fostering pollinator species; and 

  • To create spaces for community building and networking around gardening, urban farming, and growing native plants, both on and off campus.

Image by Myah Dixon











Image by Myah Dixon

For questions, contact Institute of Environmental Science & Sustainability