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Google Universe: Google Tips

Google Search Tips Handout

Here is a short guide to some of the tips and tricks featured on this page.


Use Google Search Tips & Tricks to improve your results!

Google Web Search

Google Books

Google Book Search

Google Scholar

Don't forget to set you Scholar Preferences to include GGC and Board of Regents resources!

Google Scholar Search


Use WorldCat to see the closest library that owns a copy of the book you're interested in.


Google Tips & Tricks


Basic Examples
This Search   Finds Pages Containing...
biking Italy   the words biking and Italy
recycle steel OR iron   information on recycling steel or recycling iron
"I have a dream"   the exact phrase I have a dream
salsa dance   the word salsa but NOT the word dance
Louis +I France   information about Louis the First (I), weeding out other kings of France
castle ~glossary   glossaries about castles, as well as dictonaries, lists of termsterminology, etc.
fortune-telling   all forms of the term, whether spelled as a single word, a phrase, or hyphenated

definitions of the word imbroglio from the Web


Operators   Meaning   Type Into Search Box (& Results)
+ – * /   basic arithmetic   12 + 34 - 56 * 7 / 8
% of   percentage of   45% of 39
^ or **   raise to a power   2^5 or 2**5
old units in new units   convert units  

300 Euros in USD130 lbs in kg, or 31 in hex


Restrict Search
Operators   Meaning   Type Into Search Box (& Results)
city1 city2   Book flights.   sfo bos
(Book flights from San Francisco (SFO) to Boston (BOS).)
site:   Search only one website or domain.   Halloween
(Search for information on Halloween gathered by the US Census Bureau.)
[#]..[#]   Search within a range of numbers.   Dave Barry pirate 2002..2006
(Search for Dave Barry articles mentioning pirates written in these years.)
(or ext:)
  Find documents of the specified type.   Form 1098-T IRS filetype:pdf
(Find the US tax form 1098-T in PDF format.)
link:   Find linked pages, i.e., show pages that point to the URL.
(Find pages that link to Warrior Librarian's website.)


Specialized Information Queries
Operators   Meaning   Type Into Search Box (& Results)
(or books)
  Search full-text of books.   book Ender's Game
(Show book-related information.
Note: No colon needed after book.)
definewhat iswhat are   Show a definition for a word or phrase.   define monopsonywhat is podcast
(Show a definition for the words monopsony and podcastNote: No colon after definewhat is, or what are.)
define:   Provide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web.   define:kerning
(Find definitions for kerning from the Web.)
phonebook:   Show all phonebook listings.   phonebook: Disney CA
(Search for Disney's phone numbers in California - CA.)
rphonebook:   Show residential phonebook listings.   rphonebook: bill jones NY
(Search for the phone number of every Bill Jones in New York State - NY.)
movie:   Find reviews and showtimes.   movie: traffic
(Search for information about this movie, including reviews, showtimes, etc.)
stocks:   Given ticker symbols, show stock information   stocks: goog
(Find Google's current stock price.)
Given a location (US zip code or city), show the weather   weather Seattle WAweather 81612
(Show the current weather and forecast.
Note: No colon after weather.)


+ or plus   addition   12 + 34 or three plus four
 or minus   subtraction   3.4 - 5.6 or five minus two
* or times   multiplication   56 * 7 or six times nine
/ or divided by   division   7 / 8 or ten divided by two
% of orpercent of   percentage of   45% of 39
mod or %   modulo (the remainder after division)   15 mod 9 or 15 % 9
^ or **   raise to a power   2^5 or 2**5
the nth root of   nth root   4th root of 16sqrt(16)cube root of 109
reciprocal of   multiplicative inverse   reciprocal of 7


Find fulltext articles and more through GALILEO, get the current password here


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