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Psyc 2500 - 05 - Asynchronous - Kalavar

Online Self-Paced Library Instruction

Syllabus, Your Assignments, and Guidelines

Useful information in the Spring 2022 Syllabus above. 


Brief Reaction Papers (BRP): Two reaction papers that pertain to any developmental period (infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, late adulthood) of the lifespan will be provided. This may include a reaction to a film (or video clip), newspaper article, or any issue pertaining to a specified developmental period.

RESEARCH PAPER- Please see full instructions from Dr. Kalavar in the  Guidelines Document above.


 You must follow these guidelines:

  • Obtain two scholarly journal articles that are primary research-based on this topic
  • Write a paper that summarizes and evaluates the research described in the two articles.
  • Publication date in the year 2016 or later.
  • Scholarly journal articles
  • Primary research-based

What is not primary research?

  • A literature review
  • Analysis of secondary data
  • Meta-analysis of research done by others on this topic.

What is a primary research-based article?

  • The authors have done the research (data collection included) themselves.
  • Authors are describing that research in the scholarly journal article.
  • You will find information on methodology, sample description, results, and findings.

BEWARE: You will also find the above sections in secondary data analysis. You must read the abstract and the article to determine if the authors themselves are the ones that did the study/research. Key words to look for involve these terms:


Video Presentation Topics Sign Up - Doodle Poll

Please note that the topics for the video presentation are different from the topics for the Research Paper.

An important component of your presentation is to research the topic that you signed up for from the perspective of another country.

Be sure to include:

  • a general introductory slide that introduces the other country (not the United States),
  • Then specifically focus on the issue(topic).
  • You are required to make a comparison between the United States and another country.
  •  Be prepared to back your presentation with reliable sources.