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FILM 4400 - Michael

Fall 2023 - Media Industries

Assignment Details

Proposal (see Assignment 1 Details .pdf for complete instructions):

Your proposal should be 250-300 words and should make four things quite clear to the reader:

1) The form that your final project will take (research paper, video lecture, podcast, etc.)

2) The topic you chose to research for the project (individual role, production culture, organization, industry practice, etc.)

3) The narrow focus you chose to emphasize within that topic.

4) Leads you already have from your research work and questions you still need to find answers to as you move forward. Sometimes knowing what you don’t yet know is the most valuable tool at this stage.

  • Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard margins. 


Annotated Bibliography Assignment (see Assignment 1 Details .pdf for complete instructions):

  • minimum of 15 sources
  • sources must be published within the last 2 years
  • recommended to have 2-3 academic/scholarly sources (articles, books, book chapters) 

You will take the information from the proposal and the annotated bibliography and present your findings to the class. Your presentation must be 4-5 minutes long (points WILL be deducted for going over and under).

You must use Powerpoint (or a Google/Mac equivalent) and the presentation must be delivered extemporaneously (which means you won’t just be reading from notes or from your slides).

You should plan to practice and time your delivery in advance to make sure it coheres with the time requirements!

This need not be a completed final project. Rather, think of it as a “status update” of sorts on your research project.

  •  Tell us what your topic is, what resources you have found so far, and any problems you have encountered.
  •  Make clear what questions you still need to address and why.
  • ·Cite your sources clearly (include titles and authors where appropriate)
  • ·Explain the key ideas and terms you have encountered along the way.
  • ·Don’t assume we already know all of the ideas already. You are the expert!

Use of AI to research, write, or otherwise conceptualize this project is prohibited. If you are found to have used ChatGPT or any other similar tool on this assignment, you will fail it and, as a result, fail the course.

Course Textbook