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ENGL 1101 - Stewart - Fall 2021

Assignment Details

Arguing a Position Essay Overview

ENGL 1101

Fall 2021

Mrs. Stewart

  1. Arguing a position: What is it?

    • The Arguing a Position essay culminates in a polished essay that is at least 3-pages long plus a Works Cited page. The maximum length of the essay is 4-pages (not including the Works Cited page).

  1. What am I supposed to write about?

    • During our third unit, we’re reading a range of selections by writers that have taken positions on controversial topics, and they wish to persuade their readers. You will contribute to the conversation by doing the same.
    • Write a 3-4-page essay arguing a controversial position: Start by learning more about the issue and the debate surrounding it, and then take a position. Present the issue so readers recognize that it merits their attention, and develop a well-supported argument that will confirm, challenge, or change your readers’ views.
    • A minimum of two scholarly sources along with one more reputable source (total of three sources) should support your argument.

  1. How will this essay be graded?

    • The project grade is earned as follows:
      • First Draft                               10%
      • Peer Review                            10%
      • Revision (Final Draft)            80%
      • Participation                See below for explanation
    • Participation: You are expected to be present, on time, and engaged for the duration of every class meeting. If we have reading assignments to discuss during class, you need to bring those materials with you. You can miss one class meeting during this writing project with no penalty. Any absence during the unit thereafter will result in a deduction of 15 points per additional absence on the final draft. Essays will not be excepted after three total absences. NOTE: Deductions are in addition to any late penalties incurred for submitting work past assigned deadlines.
    • First (Rough) Draft: The first draft portion of the grade will be based on the following guidelines:
      • The position is clear and follows all guidelines clearly stated in the topic.
      • Your effective argument skills and use of research to convey your point, making sure you have: a focused essay, use of appropriate argument strategies and details, an effective response to opposing views, and a smooth integration of sources.
      • Meaningful organization that helps the reader understand your argument. Meaningful organization also includes having a clear focus, so that paragraphs and ideas are connected in way that the reader can clearly understand;
      • Development that not only meets the minimum page requirement but also includes all the details necessary to help the reader understand your position; and
      • Attention to detail with regard to grammar, mechanics, and formatting (including a properly formatted Works Cited page and in-text citations).
    • Peer Review: The peer review grade will be based on your attendance, full engagement (this includes bringing a paper copy of your essay to class—no excuses!), and the evaluation of your partner’s essay during the class.
    • The grade on the revision (final draft) will come from the factors addressed in the first draft section above, and it will take into account the type and degree of changes you’ve made between the first draft and the revision. Revisions that do not make use of the first draft feedback will automatically receive a failing grade.

  1. When is it due?

    • The rough draft is due Wednesday, October 13th by 6:15 PM in the dropbox on D2L. Bring TWO printed copies of your rough draft to class on Wednesday, October 13th.
    • The final draft is due Tuesday, October 19th by 11:59 PM. Late papers will not be accepted.