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ITEC Resources

This guide was created to help ITEC students learn about library resources.

Finding Resources

Finding information is easy, as it is published just about everywhere in the online world we live in. The key to being an efficient researcher is knowing what information sources to consult in order to find the most authoritative, scholarly resources on your chosen topic. Some sources you can use are: library online catalogs, journal article databases, and scholarly web collections. Use these resources, and your research time will end up being well-focused and productive.

Did you know? Librarians specialize in knowing about information sources and can help you when you need it.

Types of Library Resources

Off Campus Access

Off Campus Access

We realize you are not always on campus when you need to do library research, so we have methods in place so you can still access library resources, wherever you are.

How do I access library resources from off campus?

In order to access library resources from off campus, you must use the specially formatted resource links from the library website, the library catalog, or the Database A to Z list. After clicking a link, you will be promoted to enter your GGC credentials before you may access the resource.

If you inspect the URL, you will see it contains a proxy prefix that routes your request through the library proxy server.

Why do I need to use the library proxy when accessing resources from off campus?

The library purchases access to resources for GGC students, faculty, and staff to use, and the main method of authenticating users at this point in time is by IP. When you are on campus, vendor sites recognize the campus IP range and allow you access to our subscribed resources. However, when you are off campus, the process is slightly different. You must use a library formatted link and sign in with your GGC credentials before you may access any library resource from off campus.

Kaufman Library Proxy Shortcut

The bookmarklet below should help provide more seamless access to subscription sources. To add the bookmarklet to your toolbar, just drag and drop. If you are off campus and go directly to a resource website, for example ACM Digital Library, just click on the bookmarklet in your bookmark toolbar to convert the URL and be routed through the library proxy server.

Kaufman Library Proxy Shortcut

Who do I contact if I have questions about off campus access or if I am having trouble accessing resources from off campus?

Contact a librarian at