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This guide was created to help ITEC students learn about library resources.

Who Do You Trust and Why?

Questions to Consider

View the video "Who Do You Trust and Why?" and consider these questions:

  • How do you negotiate disagreements among experts—that is, what determines who has authority when the conclusions of experts differ?
  • What can you do when confronted with information that disagrees with your own perspective?
  • How do you determine the level of expertise needed to establish authority; or, when do you need to consult academic and other sources?
  • What role does evidence play in determining the authority of experts; or, how do you know when to trust the evidence provided?
  • What role do various types of expertise (academic/professional training, experience, etc.) have in establishing authority—that is, in what situations are different types of expertise needed?
  • What is the significance of the age and location of information to its value as an authoritative source?
  • What value do non-academic sources have in academic conversations?

"Inform Your Thinking" tutorials created by Oklahoma State University, CC BY-NC 4.0