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This guide was created to help ITEC students learn about library resources.

Research is a Conversation

Questions to Consider

View the video "Research is a Conversation" and consider these questions:

  • What are some types of problems confronted in everyday conversations that might apply to scholarly conversations, as well? Imagine and share some creative solutions to these issues.
  • How do you decide to trust what you hear in a conversation and how might those strategies apply to scholarly conversations?
  • Conversations with new people or about unfamiliar topics can be difficult. How would you prepare for and approach a potential faculty mentor with questions about a topic on which they are an expert? How does your access to student resources work to your advantage in preparing for this situation?
  • Scholarly conversations are often formal (academic journal articles), but more informal conversations are increasingly accessible through blogs, social media, and in the news. Can you identify some experts or organizations in your area of interest who are informally conversing on their topics of expertise?
  • Who at your institution is participating in scholarly conversations that interest you? How did you go about finding them?

"Inform Your Thinking" tutorials created by Oklahoma State University, CC BY-NC 4.0

Research 101

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