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APA Citation Guide (7th Edition): Journals

APA 7th Edition

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The parts of your citation must be put in a certain order based on the "style" of citation you are using. 

Basic Author format:  

One author: Author''s last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.  

Two authors: Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial. & Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial.

Up to twenty authors: List all authors in above format.

Twenty-one or more authors: List nineteen authors, then ... and last author.

APA Journal Article
APA Journal Format

Author's last name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (Year of Publication). Title of

     article. Journal name,Vol(Issue)page range.[numbers/letters in doi

APA Journal Example

Burman, J. T. (2018). Through the looking-glass: PsycINFO as an historical 

    archive of trends in psychology. History of Psychology, 21(4), 302-333.

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