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Citation Guide (APA, MLA and More): APA Block Text

6th Edition APA, 7th Edition APA, 8th Edition MLA

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APA Block Text

APA Block Text

For quotations that are more than 40 words, use a block text format  and no quotation marks. Block texts are single spaced (instead of double spaced). Begin the block text with a phrase introducing the author then a colon: at the end of the block text place the appropriate punctuation mark then. ( number)


Shierling found the following:

Librarians and writing tutors enjoy helping students thrive. Librarians connect students with information and writing tutors help students become excellent written communicators.  Research shows that good readers make good writers. Not only is reading important to obtaining information to use in the writing process, it also helps the writer know what sounds right. People who read a lot recognize oddities in sentence structure and paper layout. They notice when a paragraph or paper is missing something and needs more information. They also notice when a paragraph or paper adequately communicates the writers intention. Simply stated, after reading a piece, the reader either has an "AHA YES!" moment or either a "Ehhhhh yuck" moment. (p.21) 

Additional help: APA Blocks of Text (Purdue OWL)