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Citation Guide (APA, MLA and More): Newspaper Articles

6th Edition APA, 7th Edition APA, 8th Edition MLA

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Citing Newspaper Articles

The parts of your citation must be put in a certain order based on the "style" of citation you are using. Common styles at GGC are APA and MLA. 

APA  Newspaper Article
APA Format

Author last name, Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of article with only the first word, first

     letter of first word after punctuation such as a colon, and  proper nouns

     capitalized. Name of Newspaper in Italics. Retrieved from url home address of


APA Example

Selingo, J. (2004, February 05). When a search engine isn't enough, call a librarian. New

     York Times. Retrieved from


MLA Newspaper Article
MLA Format

Authors last name, first name. "Title of Article in Quotation Marks." Title of Newspaper in

     Italics, Day, Month (abbreviated) Year, p. #, Name of Database,


MLA Example

Selingo, Jeffrey. "When a Search Engine Isn't Enough, Call a Librarian." New York Times,

     05, Feb. 2004,  ProQuest,