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This guide was created to help ITEC students learn about library resources.

Be a Google Ninja!

Google Scholar is a search engine that provides links to full-text articles to which the Kaufman Library subscribes and to articles made freely available by the publisher. Scholar also provides articles from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and scholarly articles posted on the web. In addition, many articles are available when the Kaufman Library has a subscription which would work with EZ Proxy. Finally, Scholar provides citations along with abstracts of the article if it is protected by copyright.

NOTE: Not everything in Google Scholar is scholarly or peer-reviwed In addition to articles and books, search results can also include news announcements, presentations, and unpublished materials.



  • Ease of use; similar features of Google web search
  • Search using "cited by" feature
  • Ranking of results
  • Citation information provided
  • Searches vast array of information; technical reports, preprints, societal publications
  • Full-text if available
  • Can help beginning researchers identify journal titles and authors connected with subjects of interest.
  • Searches "gray literature" like conference proceedings.
  • Locates obscure or partial references that are proving difficult to find in conventional databases.
  • Accesses books and articles in a single search.


  • Full-text not available or restricted access without a subscription
  • Uneven coverage in humanities and social sciences, better for hard sciences
  • No limiter for just scholarly publications
  • Few options to limit or narrow search results
  • No sorting/searching by disciplinary field
  • No browsing by title
  • No searching the deep web


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