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Access Services at the Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center: Locating Library Materials

Where do I start?

Go to the Kaufman Library homepage.

  • Basic searching:
    • Find Books, Journals, Media and More
  • Limiting your search:
    • Search by Keyword, Title, or Author
    • Enclose in quotation marks to search as a phrase
    • Limit to Full TextScholarly (Peer-Reviewed) journals 
    • Limit to GGC GIL Catalog only (Kaufman Library)
  • Advanced Search
    • ​Offers additional ways to expand or narrow your results 

Note:  To access electronic resources (journals, eBooks, electronic databases) while off-campus, the current GALILEO password will be required.  This password is visible in the MyCourses portal, under Student Resources or Faculty Resources.

Where do I find...?

First Floor:                        

Books with Call Numbers Starting with A-PZ or REF A-PZ

Academic Journals and Popular Magazines

Calculators (Circulation Desk)

Course Reserves (Circulation Desk)

DVDs (Cases are in the Stacks; DVD discs are behind the Circulation Desk)

Media Equipment (Laptops, iPads - Circulation Desk)


Oversized Books

Popular Reading (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Whiteboard Kits (Circulation Desk)

Second Floor:                  

Books with Call Numbers Starting with Q-Z or REF Q-Z

Business Bookshelf

Center for Teaching Excellence Collection (CTE)

What is a Call Number?

Most academic libraries - Kaufman Library included - use the Library of Congress Classification System (LCC) to arrange their materials and keep them in order.

LCC assigns a series of numbers and letters to create call numbers for library materials.  Call numbers serve as addresses that can help you locate the items you're looking for on the shelves.  Call numbers are usually applied to the spine or front of a library item.  Each book and DVD has a unique call number.  Want to know how to read and understand call numbers?  Check out this video tutorial: Library of Congress Classification.


Need help finding something?

  • Circulation Desk (1st Floor)
  • Reference Desk (2nd Floor)

The Kaufman Library doesn't have the book you're looking for?  

Library of Congress Classification System

Main Classes of LOC Classification

A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

E - History of the Americas

F - History of the Americas

G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

H - Social Sciences

J - Political Science

K - Law

L - Education

M - Music and Books on Music

N - Fine Arts

P - Language and Literature

Q - Science

R - Medicine

S - Agriculture

T - Technology

U - Military Science

V - Naval Science

Z - Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)