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Theoretical Frameworks

Guide for finding articles about theories and articles about theories and a specific topic.

Sociology Theories

Article about Conflict Theory

Budd, J. W., Colvin, A. J. S., & Pohler, D. (2020). Advancing Dispute Resolution by Understanding the Sources of Conflict: Toward an Integrated Framework. ILR Review73(2), 254–280.

Subjects: CONFLICT management; CONFLICT theory


Article about post traumatic stress and systems theory

Bachem, R., Levin, Y., Zhou, X., Zerach, G., & Solomon, Z. (2018). The role of parental posttraumatic stress, marital adjustment, and dyadic self-disclosure in intergenerational transmission of trauma: a family system approachJournal of Marital and Family Therapy, 44(3), 543-555. doi:

Subjects: Systems Theory; Stress, Post Traumatic Stress 


Database: Sociology Database

1. Example search statement keyword:

Systems theory and post traumatic stress

2. Example search statement subject terms: NOTE: You must make sure the word is really a subject in the list of subjects in the database, otherwise you get zero results).

Database: Sociological Collection

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