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Theoretical Frameworks

Guide for finding articles about theories and articles about theories and a specific topic.

Psychological Systems and Theories

There are hundreds of psychological theories, see the Dictionary of Psychological Theories for more details.

Theories listed as subjects in PsycInfo.


Examples of Articles

Article about a theory:

Mulvey, K. L., GönültaƟ, S., Herry, E., & Strelan, P. (2021). The role of theory of mind, group membership, and apology in intergroup forgiveness among children and adolescents. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

1. Example Search statement keyword: "theory of mind" 

The quotes find the exact phrase with the of.

2. Example Search statement subject heading: 

Article about a theory and a topic:

Cuadrado, D., Salgado, J. F., & Moscoso, S. (2020). Individual differences and counterproductive academic behaviors in high schoolPLoS ONE15(9).

Subjects: Academic Achievement; Five Factor Personality Model

3. Example Search statement keyword: academic achievement and five factor personality model

The and joins the terms in any order. You could also use quotes around "five factor personality model." 

4. Example Search statement subject heading: