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EDUC 2130 - Mitchell

Spring 2022

Learning Theory Background Resources

Bandura, Albert

Bernal, Martha

Bronfenbrenner, Urie

Clark, Kenneth

Pages 415-428 of Black scholars on the line: Race, social science, and American thought in the twentieth century contain the original article "Racial identification and preference in black children" by Clark and Clark regarding the 1947 doll experiment.

Emilia, Reggio

Erikson, Erik

Gilligan, Carol

James, William

Kohlberg, Lawrence

Maslow, Abraham

Milgram, Stanley

Montessori, Maria

Pavlov, Ivan and Skinner, B. F.

Piaget, Jean

Robinson, Sir Ken

Rogers, Carl

Sanchez, George

Suzuki, Shinichi

Vygotsky, Lev