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FILM 4090 Race and Media, Fall 2022 - Rusnak

Course guide for FILM 4090 Race and Media, Fall 2022 - Stacy Rusnak

School of Liberal Arts Information

School of Liberal Arts

Vision/Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

The School of Liberal Arts (SLA) serves students, the College, and communities throughout the metro Atlanta area through instruction, research, service, and performance in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  

Vision Statement 

Building upon our disciplinary and interdisciplinary foundations, the School of Liberal Arts places emphasis on ethics, integrity, diversity, inclusion, responsible citizenship, and awareness of global issues. Students learn to assume personal responsibility for their actions, while they develop habits of self-reliance and a passion for lifelong learning. The School aims to transform students' lives by fostering creativity, willingness to take prudent risks, leadership, and service to community and nation.  

Our graduates are expected to:  

-express themselves clearly and correctly orally, technologically, and in writing 

-reason effectively from hypotheses to conclusions and to analyze the arguments of others

-develop a critical appreciation for the social frameworks in which we live and the ways they have evolved through time 

-analyze moral, analytical, and ethical problems 

-develop an expanded appreciation of arts and cultures through an understanding of creative expression.  

School/Program Outcomes

Integrated Educational Experience Goals:

The IEE Goals met by the objectives of this course are in bold/strong format:

  • IEE-1: Clearly communicate ideas in written and oral form.
  • IEE-2: Demonstrate creativity and critical thinking in inter- and multi-disciplinary contexts.
  • IEE-3: Demonstrate effective use of information technology.
  • IEE-4: Develop intercultural awareness of diverse viewpoints and of local and global perspectives.
  • IEE-5: Produce scholarly or creative works that reflect information literacy knowledge, skills, and dispositions.
  • IEE-6: Demonstrate ethical and moral principles.
  • IEE-7: Demonstrate and apply leadership principles.
  • IEE-8: Demonstrate competence in quantitative reasoning.

Academic Integrity and Use of Turnitin

Students must include complete citations for any work which is not totally original.

Examples of plagiarism include:

  • Directly quoting another’s words without appropriate citation and punctuation
  • Overusing quotations in a written work
  • Paraphrasing another’s words without appropriate citation
  • Submitting assignments and other work that are not your own
  • Citing primary and secondary sources incorrectly

Examples of academic dishonesty include:

  • Submitting a single assignment for multiple courses without the faculty’s knowledge or permission;
  • Using assignments submitted by other students;
  • Using unauthorized materials during an exam.