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FILM 4090 Race and Media, Fall 2021 - Rusnak

Course guide for FILM 4090 Race and Media, Fall 2021 - Stacy Rusnak

Instructor Information

School of Liberal Arts

FILM 4090 Race and Media, Fall 2021

Instructor Information

Instructor: Dr. Stacy Rusnak

Office: W-3214


Teams softphone - mobile softphone, explained below: 678-682-5574


You can always contact me by email, or by using the Teams softphone number above. The softphone is an add-on to Microsoft Teams which allows you to call or text me from a phone, as you call any other phone number. It allows me to receive calls and text messages in a variety of places, similar to using a cell phone. When you call my softphone number, you do not use Teams. Of course you can call me or send messages using the Teams app.

Communications received Monday through Thursday after 5pm EST will be returned by the next day. On the weekend or when I am away from campus (e.g. at a conference), my response may be irregular.

You should check your GGC email every day. When corresponding by email, I will communicate with you using only your GGC email. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), I will not respond to emails from other domains (,,, etc.).

When you email me, you should consider the email as official correspondence. As such, the email should not appear as a text message but should have proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

If you have spoken with your instructor and s/he is unable to address a concern you have about the course, you may contact Dr. Danielle Williams, Chair of Faculty for CMAP.  Email:

You should also check your Brightspace (Desire2Learn) course site every day.

Virtual Office Hours

I will conduct virtual office hours this semester, where you can just drop in with any questions, comments, concerns regarding the class.  Please check your email for instructions (links, etc.) to these hours.  You can always make an appointment as well. Appointments need not be during the office hours, if these hours are inconvenient for you.  The virtual hours I will hold are:

Monday 10:30-11:30

Wednesday 1:00-2:00

Friday 1:00-200

Technology Covenant

Technology will be used to deliver content, provide resources, assess learning, and facilitate interaction, both within the classroom and in the larger learning community. This covenant provides a general guideline for the course. I reserve the right to make periodic and/or necessary changes to the covenant, including technology use and communication channels, in order to accommodate the needs of the class as a whole and fulfill the goals of the course.

Expectations of Students

All students at GGC need to have access to a computer. If you do not have one, computer labs are available on campus. A limited number of laptops are available for checkout from the GGC Technology Helpdesk; please contact me about this if you need one.

Students can access the course materials and grades via Brightspace (Desire to Learn).

Students should check GGC email regularly (at least twice a day).

Cell phones should be set on silent and stowed during class.

Laptop computers should remain off, except when they are being used for an in-class activity or for taking notes.

All completed assignments will be submitted through Brightspace (Desire2Learn). Unless otherwise specified, daily assignments must be submitted prior to class time. Major projects are due by midnight on the due date unless other arrangements are made.

This is an online class.  We will meet both Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:45 on Blackboard Collaborate.  You are expected to attend all online classes.  You are expected to turn your cameras on in class and to use your mic to participate.  You may also use the chat function to participate, but your mic is the best option.