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SOCI 4000 - Cochran-Jackson

Fall 2021

Assignment Details

Assignment 5

Each student will upload a two to three double-spaced page essay of the sociological aging-related topic they chose to further investigate during the fall 2021 semester. The summary will present data or perspectives from experts on the topic. Included will be an introduction of the topic including descriptions of the 1) demographic that is being studied --- age, race/ethnicity, SES, and/or, 2) an issue that is being studied (homelessness among the aged, grandparents raising grandchildren, forced retirement, etc., etc.), 3) data --- which will include three sources drawn from the Kaufman Library, and a brief examination (or analyses) including a theory that is being used, and, 4) a link to a video clip which explains or describes interesting details about the topic.

Best Bets - Sociology Databases

Synthesizing Info