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SOCI 1101 - Regus

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Choose your favorite comedian and identify one social issue or trend that they highlight in one

of their performances. Then include the following in your essay (3-5 pages typed, double-


1. General info about your topic (who does it involve, how widespread, etc.) Use as many sources for this part of the essay as you need.

2. What research method (interviews, surveys, ethnography, etc.) and which theoretical perspective (structural-functional, conflict, or symbolic interaction) would you use if you were to study the issue? Explain why that method and perspective fit your topic.

3. Using the GGC library databases Sociological Collection (in EBSCO) or JSTOR, locate two articles from social science journals that address your topic and briefly describe their findings (include these articles in a References Cited page using the MLA format).

Details: This 3-5 page essay, typed and double-spaced, is due in the Dropbox on the date specified in the Course Schedule (below). Late papers receive a 10-point deduction for each day they are overdue, including weekends and holidays. This essay counts as 20% of your final grade and will be assessed for use of sociological concepts, critical analysis, and clarity of writing.

For assistance writing, editing or with citations please visit the Academic Enhancement Center on campus.

Background / Topic Databases

Look at background materials to find key terms for your topic

and identify important people, organizations, and points of view.

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Opposing Viewpoints

Global Issues in Context