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ARTS 1100 - Wright

Art Appreciation 1100

Select a work from the High Museum of Art 


Find 3 sources (one web, 2 scholarly) on the context of the work, such as:

  • Artist 

  • Theme

  • Material


Note: This will apply to a later class assignment as well

Writing Assignment

Writing assignment:

▪ What was your favorite artist and their piece in the museum? Why? Does it have some cultural or historic relevance for you?

▪ Describe the work in detail using vocabulary terms found in the book and discussed in class.

▪ Briefly write about the artist’s style and medium that they used. It can be any form of art (painting, sculpture, video, performance, or design).

▪ Paper: 750 words; 12 pt. font Times New Roman; double-spaced; one-inch margins

Use at least 3 citations—you can only use one online source (and it cannot be Wikipedia); all other sources should come from your textbook and/or journals.

o Chicago Style guide should be used for citations and reference page. See Chicago Style from Purdue Online Writing Lab