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Information Commons at the Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center: Study Rooms

This LibGuide provides information about the three Information Commons areas found at GGC. It also provides information about additional services including study room reservations, printing/scanning, and the media equipment available for borrowing.

Library Hours

Need Help?

Circulation Desk - (678) 407-5317
Information Commons Helpdesk - (678) 407-5422
Reference Desk - (678) 407-5064

First Floor Study Rooms

Study Rooms - General Information & Policies


All study rooms in the Kaufman Library and in the Den (Bldg. A) can be reserved by GGC students, faculty, and staff via LibCal at:

Reservations can be made for a maximum of 3 hours per day and up to 14 days in advance.

After submitting your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation.  Do not delete this email!  It serves as proof that you reserved the room at the time specified AND it has a cancellation link you can use if you no longer need the room.

When a study room is not reserved, usage is on a first come/first served basis.  When you find a study room that is empty, you are strongly urged to check LibCal to see if the room is currently available.  If it is, reserve it immediately!

If your study room reservation has ended and another student arrives to begin his/her reservation, please vacate the study room immediately.

The use of Study Room L-1128 is primarily intended for GGC students.  Faculty and staff are requested to check for availability of L-3121 before attempting to reserve L-1128.

Need to Know

Whiteboard kits, headphones, and flash drives are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.  Additional supplies may be purchased in the library vending machine or at the Bookstore, located in the Student Center (Building E).

Study Rooms are not soundproof.  Please be considerate of other library patrons.

Unattended items left in the Kaufman Library study rooms will be turned in to the Circulation Desk.  If not retrieved by the end of the day, these items will be sent to Lost & Found in Building D.  (Exception:  Valuables, such as cell phones and wallets, will be sent immediately to Lost & Found.)  Items found in the Den (Building A) will be sent directly to Lost & Found.

Study rooms in the Den (Building A) are managed by the Kaufman Library.  They are subject to the same policies as those in the Kaufman Library.

Food and beverages are allowed in the study rooms.  Please be considerate of your fellow library users by disposing of trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles.  If there is a mishap with a food or beverage, please let a library staff person know as soon as possible.

Kaufman Library Study Rooms

First Floor Study Rooms - Kaufman Library

ALL study rooms in the Kaufman Library - including those on the 2nd and 3rd floors - are now reserved at

First Floor Study Rooms

Each of the seven study rooms located on the first floor of the Kaufman Library has a table, moveable chairs, and a whiteboard (dry erase marker and eraser kits can be checked out at the Circulation Desk).

First floor study room maximum capacity:

L-1121 and L-1122: 6 people

L-1123 through L-1126: 8 people

L-1128: 12 people

Study room L-1121 has an ADA-compliant Windows PC and scanner.

Study rooms L-1123 through L-1126 have a Windows PC, an in-room camera, and a wall monitor.

Study room L-1128 has a Windows PC and projector.  This room is able to accommodate video conferencing.

Preference of use for L-1128 is given to students. Faculty and staff who need a conference room will be referred to the Library Administrative Office for availability of L-3121. Only if that room is reserved will L-1128 be reserved for faculty or staff events.

The Den Study Rooms

The two study rooms in the Den (Building A, Room 1510) can be reserved via LibCal at

Each study room has a table, moveable chairs, and a whiteboard (dry erase marker and eraser kits can be checked out at the Circulation Desk in Building L).

Study room maximum capacity:

A-1511: 6 people

A-1512: 6 people

There are no computers available in these study rooms.